DP Seals brings the third dimension to prototyping rubber seals and mouldings

3D printed part on actual moulded part and tool

DP Seals' direct, high-efficiency link from the client’s engineer's desktop to the company's in-house tool room, ensures prototype tooling in optimum time, eliminating error without compromising precision or quality. To further shorten the prototyping process – and so speed its clients’ development programmes – DP Seals is now offering 3D printing of custom seals and mouldings.

3D printing is fast and - because DP Seals use a rubber-like print medium - its clients can better visualise the end result and identify potential design faultsearly, further speeding the development process.

To print rubber-like materials with elastomeric characteristics - various Shore A hardness values, elongation at break, tear resistance and tensile strength - DP Seals has partnered with one of the UK’s leading high-resolution 3D printing companies. This level of flexibility is crucial to the prototyping process in order to show fitting such as male to female mating, or cable feed-through, so allowing the client to iron out problems and make modifications prior to committing the tooling.

The image left shows a 3D printed sample on top of the tool which contains an actual moulding- a cable end-cap for an aerospace application.

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